Rail services

Railway operators can impose a penalty fare on a passenger who travels transport for London without the correct ticket in some areas. This will be an on the spot penalty above the normal fare and is not a fine. If the fare you should have paid is £10.00 or less, the penalty will be £20.00. If the fare was over £10.00, the penalty fare will be double the fare.

You may want to appeal against a penalty fare if there was:

  • insufficient notice that you were travelling in a penalty fare area because, for example, signs were inadequate,
  • English is not your first language, or you were unable to read the notices because you are visually impaired
  • inadequate opportunity to buy a ticket to travel because, for example, there was a long queue at the ticket office and the ticket machine was not available, or you were unable to use a machine because of a physical disability.

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