Free bus travel


In England, you are entitled to free travel at off-peak times on buses anywhere in England if you are:

  • disabled, or
  • of state pensionable age or over.

If you’re a woman, the state pensionable age is your pensionable age, and if you are a man, the state pensionable age is the state pensionable age of woman born on the same day as you.

If you have already reached the age of 60 or are due to do so before 6 April 2010, there will be no change. You will continue to be entitled to a bus pass. If you are about to become 60 before 6 April 2010 and you have not yet applied for a bus pass, you will still have the right to apply for a bus pass.

Off-peak times are between 9.30am and 11pm on weekdays and all day on the weekend and on bank holidays. In London, you can travel free on the buses and other public transport at any time, not just at off-peak times. For more information, go to:

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